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Dizzying taste of feet

dizzying-taste-of-feetYou better see the next feet femdom video update, if you want to have a naughty day! These two are so horny that they couldn’t wait to get home and start to have fun. You have to see the entire action, to see how are these two planning to make out. And because they are in the mood to do something really naughty, you are going to start teasing each other. She made him stay down on his knees, with the leash around his neck and she made him get down there, grab her legs and start to play with them.

She is getting really fired up when someone is touching her feet, cause they are one of the most important erogenous zone of hers. He is going to start taking her feet and lick those toes and pull them slowly with his lips and with his mouth, teasing them and sucking them, things that are making her have goose bumps all over the place. You got to see the whole action cause the next scenes are going to impress you big time. The poor guy will have to lick those toes on and on , until the babe will be so excited that she is going to get real wet. Don’t forget to visit femdomempire.org and have fun watching other hot mistresses getting their feet worshiped! If you liked this scene and you are looking for similar content, join the http://www.brutalfacesitting.org blog! Have fun, guys!

Check out this hot mistress getting her feet worshiped!

Dominating with their feet

You are going to adore seeing these two hot babes having a blast with their humble servant. They simply adore to make fun of him, laugh and tease him. At first, they will get him undressed and then they will start using his body for their own pleasure. You really have to see both of them spanking him with their whip and pushing his head with their high heels. They love to feel him right under their feet, cause it’s making them feel more dominating and powerful.

You must see how one of the babes will grab his tool and his balls, while the other one will put her boots over his head. Enjoy each scene and get ready to see how he is going to cum, right in front of these babes! He loves to be used in such an erotic way and he loves to have his body punished, since he was so bad lately. See another scene like this one, on jb video newest updates, and get ready for something really spectacular. Enjoy each moment and get ready to see something really fun!

under the feet

See this slave under his mistresses feet!

A Rewarding Footjob

These nasty babes are up to no good in this update. They just love teasing their submissive slave and they’ve done such a great job. They just moved in this new complex and didn’t knew anyone there so they door to door to get to know them better. But at the apartment next to them they stumbled upon this hot guy that lived alone from the looks of it, so they invited him over to their place. After a few more gatherings he had to do something and stated flirting with them, well that was just perfect for the girls. They asked him if we was ok to play a little mistress – slave game and he accepted, but this wasn’t what he actually had in mind. So there he was completely naked with a leash around his neck and worshiping his mistress’s feet. If you liked this scene you must check out www.jbvideo.net for more hot babes. Enjoy this update and we’ll see you next time!

A rewarding footjob

Check out this mistress getting her feet worshiped!

Teased by two beauties

When these sexy babes invited this guy over for a hot threesome he thought he won the jackpot and he was hoping to have the best time of his life fucking these naughty babes. But he had no idea what are these sexy babes up to and the poor guy got more that he could handle.

The sexy babes undressed him and made him get on his knees to worship their sexy nylon covered legs and feet. After the sexy babes made fun of him, slapping his ass and calling him names they promised to jerk off his cock if he licks their shoes and feet clean. He started massaging and rubbing the blonde’s toes while the naughty brunette kept spanking his ass, then he strand to suck the blonde’s delicious toes while the brunette babe was massaging his cock and balls. If you are a foot fetish fan, go to jb video and watch naughty babes giving exciting foot jobs and teasing guys in their sexy stockings and nylons. Have fun and come back soon!


 See this naked guy licking and sucking the babe’s toes!

Hot dominatrix Nora

Nora is a gorgeous blonde who loves being in control. She hires these guys to clean up her new office but when she returns she doesn’t likes what she sees. It is a complete mess and the guys are having lunch and watching TV. Probably they haven’t even started working today. It’s time to teach them a lesson and if they want to get paid they better do what she sais.

They get naked and fell on their knees begging for forgiveness and she orders them to lick her boots clean. This hot blonde really knows how to teach them into submission. Check out this DomKarin – Servin Karin scene and see a horny male slave pleasing two naughty mistresses. Have fun and make sure to visit us again because we are going to be back with new scenes.


 Watch this naughty babe teasing two naked guys!

Guy in feet worship scene

Welcome back to watch this guy being under the feet of two naughty and dominant babes. If you are a feet fetish fan then you musty envy this guy badly right now because he totally loves worshiping their sexy feet. He had to be taught a lesson today because he was supposed to get up early to make coffee and fix breakfast for the babes. But he’s been out with his friends all night and he woke up late. By the time he went down to the kitchen the babes were already waiting for him. he tried to apologize but that was not enough.

The babes undressed him and made him get on his knees to lick their feet clean, the he had to massage their feet and he ended up licking their toes. If you like hot babes exposing their sexy feet and delicious toes, go to www.cearalynch.org and check out a sexy babe who loves teasing horny guys. Have fun and make sure to come back soon for more fun!guy-being-under-feetguy-licking-feet

Enjoy watching this guy licking the babe’s feet!

Cruel Sisters’ Fetish

We have these cruel sisters playing with their boyfriends in this scene. These mean babes wanted to play with their guys and it’s not what you think. the girls had different games on their mind and their boyfriends were as surprised as you are when they found out what they really want to do. They told them to undress and once they saw those whips they were hoping to be the ones that used them on the girls. Well things didn’t went like that and they got stripped and then the girls started to ride them literally and whip them from time to time.

You don’t mess around with these sisters if you don’t have the balls to go with it until the end. They have the craziest fetishes and although they are so hot you must be prepared because each time is something different. The guys weren’t expecting this although it felt kind of nice to get dominated and whipped by the two curly sisters. We’re sure you guys will love this scene and also stay tuned for more. For more you must see http://www.fetishliza.net for another fetish loving mistress. Enjoy it!

Cruel sisters

Check out these mean sisters whipping their bfs!

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